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What is Posti Kontakti?

Kontakti is Posti's free and easy to use self service tool for planning and implementing your marketing actions. You can use Kontakti any time and anywhere from your browser. Just sign in and benefit from all possibilities of direct marketing.

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Services in Kontakti


Find target groups

Boost your customer acquisition suited target groups and addressed Direct Marketing. Select from three different data sources to find your target audience.

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Kontakti monikanavaiset viestit

Online and offline ads

Reach and acquire customers cost effectively in Posti service channels. Omnichannel experience with tradition direct mail and digital with Posti SmartAds.

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Kontakti kohderyhma haku

Update registries

Ensure your whole customer register is up-to-date for a single campaign or to maintain GDPR compliance. Test for free how accurate is your register first and update later.

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Reach house holds

Reach house holds

Nationwide or local reach with cost effective unaddressed delivery? With Direct Delivery or Postinen media 3,5 million Finns can be reached in one day.

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Need help to design and plan your DM Campaign?

Download free Guide for Direct Marketing

Tips and tricks on how to create DM campaign that works. In the guide you will find examples of implementing successful Direct Mail ad delivery.